Terrorism and Transactional Crime

The course is about terrorism and transactional crime. Students ought to have a deeper understanding of the relationship between the two whereby the course provides a platform for the students to look at terrorism, transactional crime from its sociological, cultural, historical perspective. It is important for students to learn about terrorism because terrorism has become a great threat to the national security especially since the 9/11terrorist attack.

What I found most interesting about this course is discovering the various techniques that terrorist and people engaging in transactional crimes have invented to ensure that they are not caught by law enforcers and some of these techniques are really smart you would not expect such criminals to develop them. Terrorists are engaging in illicit businesses disguised as genuine businesses and globalization has enabled such activities and this can be attributed to issues such as loose laws around borders. There are various transnational organized crime groups that are working with terrorists in smuggling illegal firearms and ammunitions that are then used to threaten security.

The course can include techniques that law enforcers can use on the war on terrorism especially in the use of technology to identify and arrest terrorists as well as their sympathizers or funders. If the funders of such terrorists and organized crime are arrested and face serious sentences then the rate of such related crimes would reduce because they will not even have funds to move around or get firearms or explosives which they use in their terror acts. The course should also focus on what financial institutions are doing in order to spot any money laundering transactions and how they are working with law enforcers to ensure that such individuals are intercepted as early as possible.


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