Statistical Report

The freight train data set presents a highly competitive performance. Calculating the mean, median, and mode presents the following values for each 6,300.44, 6,470, and N/A respectively. The N/A value for the mode illustrates that there are no reoccurring tendencies in the performance of the freight trains. The average performance value asserts that there are 6,300.44 tendencies for the freight trains to operate.

The standard deviation comprises of 1,061.709579 with a minimum and maximum value of 3,030 and 9,375 respectively. The range in which the freight trains operates constitute of 6,327. That is, the difference between the maximum and the minimum.

The 1st quartile of up to 12 values in the data sequence is calculated to 5,002 while the 3rd quartile is calculated to 6,783.75. From the sample size of 50 freight trains, the interval quartile range is 1,781.75.

The existence of a significance value of 0.05 shows that the confidence level will be 95%. The critical value is calculated as 0.826659 from the sample size of 50 freight trains. The margin error shows a high value of 877.6718756 and the confidence interval of 9.41532292.

In overall, the performance of the freight trains indicates a high level competitiveness. This is attained through continuous increment from the first freight train to the last. As a result, the margin error continues to rise indicating the significance of the operation. This is an essential endeavor to provide sufficient and efficient transport system. The statistical report attests to the significance of the freight train operations as the calculations show an increase in performance and competitiveness.


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