Sourcing in the Fashion Industry

The articleGlobal Sourcing in Fast Fashion Retailers: Sourcing Locations and Sustainability Considerations” explores alternative global sourcing strategies within the fashion industry that embrace sustainability considerations. The article asserts that for decades, fashion companies have outsourced low-cost labor and materials from developing nations. In order to manufacture low-cost garments at fast speed, the companies have utilized substantial amounts of chemicals and natural resources, which haveresulted in social and environmental issues. Currently, however, fashion companies are investigating other sourcing strategies that support optimal supply chain configurations and limit negative exposure.Therefore, the article outlines several factors comprising;customers’ demand, supplier costs and customers and suppliers locations , which fashion companies can consider prior to selecting sourcing locations.The article further specifies that while targeting the global market, countries with the best raw materials should be selected. The midway strategy that involves internal design, retail operations and total or partial manufacturing before outsourcing to external suppliers should be implemented (Arrigo, 2020). To manage their manufacturing network more effectively, fashion companies should categorize suppliers into two groups namely, the key suppliers whose skills are important to the company and secondary suppliers who perform few activities.

The article is relevant as it provides suitable strategies of global sourcing that can be utilized by fashion companies to ensure increased competitiveness and productivity. It further addresses the extent to which fashion companies have exploited resources globally and how these activities have affected the environment .The article however, affirms the companies’ realization of damages caused and their urgency of bridging the gap between environmental performance and economic sustainability. The article is also relevant because it pinpoints additional factors that apparel companies can consider when selecting sourcing locations.




Arrigo, E. (2020). Global sourcing in fast fashion retailers: Sourcing locations and sustainability considerations. Sustainability, 12(2), 508.


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