Organic agriculture

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I like the fact that your meal is from one organic farmer who deals with all what you offer in your order. There is no doubt that a lot is saved in the process such as gas and your customers have access to healthy food. Your relationship within your locality is symbiotic such that you strive to help one another and in turn reap benefits from it. According to Meemken&Qaim (2018), most people in the United States have shifted to organic products. Study have shown that pesticides and fertilizers used in other farming methods are harmful to human health. It is quite commendable that you are embracing organic farming as it is considered to be sustainable method of food production.


Meemken, E. M. &Qaim, M. (2018). Organic agriculture, food security, and the environment. Annual review of resource economics. 10(1), pp. 39-63.

Response 2

Indeed a lot of fossil fuels are used when transporting your food. The situation is much worse given that there are other people who rely on transport for food to reach their table. As Perera (2017) states, these fuels are doing a great injustice to our environment. They are not only causing climate change, but also posing great danger to children who are the future generation. Other technologies should be used to ensure the amount of fuels used is minimal.



Perera, F. (2017). Pollution from fossil fule, combustion is the leading environmental threat to global pediatric health and equity: solutions exist. International journal of environmental research and public health. 15(1), Pp. 16. doi: 10.3390/ijerph15010016.


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