Ofir – a Wildlife Crime Documentary

Film Summary

Ofir – a wildlife crime documentary recounts the beginning of The Last Great Ape (LAGA), the Non-Governmental organization founded by Ofir to begin enforcing wildlife regulations that were previously on the books; however, it may not have been pragmatic. Before Ofir arrived in Cameroon, not one individual had ever been imprisoned for wildlife delinquency in West and Central Africa.By engaginginformers, secretdetectives, concealed cameras, police invasions, and the media, Ofir set off on the challengingmission of breaking through the inescapable culture of fraud to put wildlife delinquents in jail and making wildlife smuggling a criminal act in society’s eyes.Regularly adopting the orphaned apes rescued in the incursions, Ofir does all he can to assist the species in danger of extinction.

Important Aspects Learnt from the Film

By watching the film Ofir – a wildlife crime documentary, one gets to learn fundamental aspects regarding corruption and the safety of endangered animal species. Foremost, Corrupt deeds that begin in an unscrupulous way may, if not addressed, rapidly and grow into more structured, endemic exploitation and be the norm instead of the exception. In life-threatening instances, endemic exploitation may significantly impact the wildlife management body’s decision-making practices to the advantage of private interests. Second, peddlingfalse and fabricated permits earns numerousofficers more than their regular salary. The wildlife officers have recognized that manipulating people through their ranksis a high-reward and low-risk situation.

Third, Cameroon is home to significant ape species. However, the animals’ survival is continuously endangered by such loss of habitats, diseases, and poaching.  Fourth, the film exhibits various weaknesses of laws, guidelines, and institutions set up by the Cameroon administration to guarantee the effectual wildlife management and of great apes specifically. For instance, one of the weaknesses includes inadequate human resource capacity for the conservation of great apes, therefore necessitating the involvement of Ofir’s organization. Lastly, entities such as MINFOF should be informed on the grave nature of wildlife crime and requested to carefully scrutinize any probable assertions of corruption linked to wildlife crime. It is vital to institute the requisite communication mechanisms with the agencies to enable swift reporting of any corrupt undertakings.

Overall Impression of the Film

The film, Ofir – a wildlife crime documentary, is an informative and inspiring documentary. This Non-Governmental organization appears to be doing a very respectable and remarkable job in safeguarding imperilled animals and great apes such as Future. Apart from providing care for rare species, they similarly offer much-required services to the forest community when required.In most cases, even medical aid is provided when it is necessary. This organization is worthy of getting assistance for the exceptional job they engage in in a very much needy region. This is the actual characterization of what it certainly signifies to be a human being and an overseer over those who cannot protect themselves, such as the little ape in the film, Future. Ofir is a man on an assignment and through his activities, the power of activism becomes clear.


Wildlife crime is considereda growing and persistentsubject that poses a substantial threat to universalcommercial and social development, safety, and governance. Wildlife across the universe is reliant on administrations and public authorities to safeguard it. Moreover, the occupations of millions of individuals depend on authorized wildlife trade which ought to be protected by these bodies. Exploitation and wildlife crime impend, abate, and destabilize the governing and enforcement structures implemented to safeguard wildlife and the legitimate wildlife trade. Therefore, it is essential that wildlife management bodies themselves become activists for stamping out corruption and that administrations worldwide concentrate on consolidatingprecautionary measures that will tackle identified corruption threats.


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