Lone Star

Roy in Lone Star is an enthusiastic character who influences the perspectives of other individuals towards life using his aura and charisma. His focus in life revolves around three things, which include loyalty to his country, love for his sexually appealing wife, and his thunderbird. From this realization, the playwright bases his arguments on Roy’s love for these three things, enabling him to identify certain aspects that can be used to improve the nature of outcomes in life. Roy’s love for the good things in life is largely influenced by the varying experiences he undergoes while serving in the military. The break from normalcy provides him the much-needed peace of mind, which allows him to reflect and evaluate his life decisions that inspire other people in his surroundings.

When I look at Roy in Lone Star, I can identify various aspects that are similar to my overall expectations. Firstly. Roy is ambitions and hardworking, an aspect that sees him engage in risky activities to achieve his desired goals and objectives. As the macho type in his community, Roy grew to become famous during his high school years, a move that is largely believed to have pushed him towards the military side of life. Just like Roy, I am closely attached to my family and other people in my surroundings, whom I can refer to as family. Sadly, Roy’s key enemies are trapped in his immediate environment, an aspect that is captured by the fact that Ray, his brother, slept with Roy’s wife when he was away fighting for his country.

When Roy discovers that an important aspect of his life has been lost to the growing disrespect initiated by his brother, his world falls apart as he comes to term with the hard facts that influence his perspectives towards life. Importantly, Roy has always formed healthy relations with individuals who believed in his contribution towards the restoration of law and order in his life. However, his inability to accomplish his desired objectives through his ability to maintain the healthy relations with individuals exposes him to an environment where he grows distant with his family members and other people who meant a lot during his childhood process.

Roy’s key adulthood experiences are captured by his long-term absence from the society and his selfless acts of participating in the military through the different aspects that make him a social person in his community. While narrating these harrowing details about his military experience in Vietnam, Roy becomes a key element that guides individuals by shaping their perspectives towards life. From this outcome, Roy’s ability to form healthy relations exposes him to an enabling environment that allows other people to relate with his focus towards life.

The break from normalcy provides Roy with the much-needed peace of mind, which allows him to reflect and evaluate his life decisions that inspire other people in his surroundings. After returning home, Roy’s love for the good things in life is manifested by the meaning he attaches to his country, his wife, and the thunderbird. However, his life tumbles into pieces after discovering that Ray slept with his wife while he was away. Although Roy had formed healthy relations based on trust and camaraderie, he distances himself from a wide range of activities that influence his thought process towards life. I can relate with Roy’s hurting experiences because of the impact of betrayal on Roy’s perspectives towards his interaction with other people.



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