Literature Analysis

Unlike Ulysses, Dante had limited access to Greek literature, which would have enabled him to understand the Christian perspective. Surprisingly, Dante did not encounter Homer, which would have enabled him to develop an accurate vision of the order of events, which had taken place in their surroundings. However, Dante takes Ulysses’ story personally because of his guilty perspective that is manifested by his decision, which expose innocent individuals to the unforgiving jaws of death. In the story, Dante encounters Odysseus at the bottom-part of hellwhere he is wrapped in flames.

Even though various accounts portray Ulysses and Odysseus as different individuals, looking at the original Greek texts and Dante’s version exposes one to an environment where they can identify the similar traits of both characters. From this observation, Ulysses and Odysseus are the same person with the variation emerging due to the different interpretations. Odysseus acquires Ulysses as his name because of his bold character that enables him to accomplish different outcomes and other challenging ordeals, which interfere with the thought process of individuals in their surroundings.

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Literature Analysis
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It should be noted that Dante’s version of Odysseus differs significantly from that of the Greek texts, which hinders individuals from realizing the unique attributes associated with their perspectives towards life. However, the difference is facilitated by the different timelines, with which the two authors express their views on the topical issue. Likewise, Dante’s unfamiliarity with Homer hinders him from exploring different aspects that are critical when defining the identity of the protagonists in the story. The introduction of the stoic role models exposes the reader to an exciting scenario where they experience Ulysses’ downfall.


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