Legend Essay

The Legend of King Arthur

Despite some people insisting on the true existence of King Arthur, archaeological evidence points at the limited evidence, which counters the belief about the Arthurian legend. It should be noted that the emergence of different theories about King Arthur have compelled individuals to align their interests with the legend because of his apparent impact on individual perspectives. In 2017, the film King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword premiered around the world, exposing individuals to a certain narrative about the legend. For this reason, the Legend of King Arthur plays an important role in the contemporary society because of its ability to provoke the thought process of individuals and challenge them to view life differently.

The lack of consensus to factual information about the Legend of King Arthur has created an enabling environment for individuals to take advantage of cultural beliefs and values. While a section of individuals may have the interests of people at heart, there are different misleading narratives that hinder individuals from understanding the true identity of King Arthur on the community during his time. Historical events should be documented to avoid creating conflicts of interest that hinder people from realizing their desired goals and objectives.

The Legend of King Arthur is essential to the contemporary society because of its ability to provoke the thought process of individuals and challenge them to view life differently.Even though the narrative inspires creativity among individuals, it subjects the world to confusion because of the unavailability of documented sources that verify the shared information towards across different individuals. Based on the emergence of different stories, the Legend of King Arthur fails to accomplish its intended goals because of the emergence of different accounts that hinder the spread of uniform experience across different population groups.


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