Leadership Power

While one can demonstrate power without being a leader, it is impossible for leaders to succeed without exerting power during their interactions with other people. From this perspective, leaders have different sources of power than influence their approach of solving problems and maintaining healthy relations with their followers. I had a brief encounter with a young executive in charge of a start-up in New York City. Despite our limited interactions, I learned a lot from the young manager, which has shaped my understanding about leader power. Natalie, aged 28, led a team of 60 employees who worked at the start-up. Her young age did not deter her from forming healthy relationships with different population groups, an aspect that became her selling point at the firm. She rewarded individuals for developing cutting-edge solutions and often chipped in with her experience when consulted by her junior managers. Hence, leader power plays a significant role in enhancing employee performance, aligning interests, and promoting desired outcomes in the contemporary society.

When I joined the start-up, Natalie had just graduated from university with an MBA, which is important in the business environment because of its guidance. Everyone believed in her management style, a move that made her concepts relatable. However, over the years, she gained a lot of influence within the company and beyond because of her ability to exercise total dominance in the decision-making process. Natalie gave out her power to the workforce and offered expert opinion, which allowed individuals to understand her vision and its impact on the company’s goals and objectives. This way, employees trusted her and created a healthy relationship that influenced the overall perspectives towards work.

Natalie’s source of power can be traced to her strong belief in rewarding performance and excellence. Within the organization, best-performing employees are rewarded with a wide range of perks that motivate individuals to focus on accomplishing the company goals. Even though not every employee rises above the company expectations, the reward process set the stage for further interactions that allowed employees to pursue different tactics, which would yield desired outcomes. As an intern, I was motivated to align my focus with the market expectations and other aspects that would draw me closer to my career goals and objectives.

Many employees love Natalie’s style of leadership and her visionary nature, which motivates individuals by putting things into perspective. When individuals are led by visionary managers, work becomes easier because of the shared goal aspect and ability to collaborate with other individuals. In the workplace, teamwork is considered an integral process that yields results because of the ability of individuals to focus on different goals, which enhance the company’s productivity levels. I was amused by Natalie’s leadership philosophy and her ability to manage employee expectations.

Leader power plays a significant role in enhancing employee performance, aligning interests, and promoting desired outcomes in the contemporary society. On many instances, company managers may exercise power with the hope of influencing follower attitudes and decisions. However, there is a need to observe the interests of the company managers and their desire to form meaningful relations that influence different outcomes in the contemporary society. Given Natalie’s leadership impression, I now have a deep understanding of the best approaches managers can use to influence their followers and embark on a journey to accomplish desired outcomes in the contemporary community.


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