Leadership Analysis

Knowing your leadership strengths and weaknesses will assistin understanding how your natural capabilitiesmay be applicable to leverage my best leadership qualities. Self-reflection of my strong points and weaknesses helped me identify my leadership style and incorporate the strengths into day-to-day activities to be a more effective leader. Based on the questionnaire, I consider myself a transparent leader, particularly with distributed teams. This guarantees that every individual has access to the correct information regardless of the station and feels engaged with the corporation. This evaluationmay assistin learning and understanding the segments in which you are constantly doing the “right things,” along withelementsthat I may seek to advance.

Based on the ratings provided, various aspects came as a surprise. Foremost, I consider myself as a leader that is considerate and does not ridicule others.Great leaders do not mock and humiliate the very individuals they state they are trying to lead. As a leader, I should becourteous at all points in the communication, actions, policies, and communications. They demonstrateconcern and understanding for the predicaments of those I am leading. Another surprising aspect is breaking promises. As a leader, it is important to fulfill the promises made to the people we lead. By fulfilling the promises, it increases trust amongst the people we lead, and I trust that I possess the element of fulfilling promises made.

A questionnaire is an excellent tool in identifying the areas that I may need to improve. Foremost, I need to improve on the aspect of not allowing interaction amongst co-workers. Interaction is a critical component in the development of a corporation. Therefore, as a leader, I believe it is essential to sanction personnel interaction to facilitate the corporation’s growth. Second, I may need to improve on is invading others’ privacy. Invading other’s privacy leads to a significant level of distrust among staff members. Therefore, it is essential to give personnel the liberty to engage in what they to be fit and profit the organization. It is crucial to take time and dynamism to assist everyone in the corporationin cultivating positive interactions.


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