Goodman of Paris and Wife of Birth

Marriage is acceptable as God did not condemn those who get married. Marriage is a one-time event and every woman involved should adhere to that call. Jesus went to one wedding and never attended another one. It is upon all womento know that once a person weds, they must stick to that marriage till death. Though the Samaritan woman was with the fifth man, Jesus did not refer to him as a husband. However, for men, it is allowed to have more than one wife. For instance, King Solomon had many wives yet God approved of his leadership. For this reason, it is completely normal for a man to have many wives as King Solomon was a happy man and lived a joyous life.In addition, Abraham was considered a holy man yet he had two wives. Virginity has a price but it is not a command for a woman to retain it. A woman has a duty to give herself to a man, as they were made for each other as long as what they do with their body does not displease God. [1]Therefore, a woman is entitled to a man’s body as long as she lives.

Men have the responsibility to love their wives unconditionally. He will ensure that no burden befalls his wife as long as he lives with her. Both man and woman should not abide elsewhere and avoid pretense. If they start pretending they will be led to a worse end. [2] A woman should ensure that her husband is well take care of. A husband who receives good services from his wife desire to come home and meet her every day and never goes near other women. These services make their fathers and mothers to lament that you bewitched their sons but it is not true. The love and care that they get from their good wife makes their sons stick by them as if they are bewitched. A good wife should never be a scolding wife be gentle and a loving wife. Being intimate with her husband is paramount for every married woman. They should keep their husbands close to their bodies away from any discomfort. There is no doubt that being submissive to your husband [3] and caring for your wives [4] is all that a marriage entails.

These articles having been written by men, there is no doubt that there are challenges depicted in them. For instance, a woman may wonder why she is the only one who should be subjected to have only one husband while men are allowed to have as many wives as they want. Also, the fact that a woman should submit to her husband at all times or whenever he pleases may depict a woman as the weak person in a marriage setting. A married woman should adhere to the teachings of the husband and stand to be corrected in their chamber after the day’s activities. [5] The statement shows that a man has the right over a woman and anything said by him whether good or bad should be followed. Also, it is the woman who does the wrongs as the man is the only one mandated to correct her. From these readings, it is evident that in an ideal marriage, the woman is under a man and should remain submissive under a man. The man on the other hand, has a right over his woman and is entitled to do to her as he pleases. The fact that he has power over her is a challenge to the norms in the society as the society believes in gender equality.







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