Company Selection: Beyond Meat Inc. (BYND)

  1. The chief executive officer

The CEO of the firm, who is also the president and director, is Ethan Brown.  He is also the founder of the company, where it was established in 2009.

  1. Location of the home office

The main headquarters of the firm are in El Segundo, California, U.S. This is acity in Los Angeles County on the Santa Monica Bay.

  1. Ending date of the latest fiscal year

For financial reporting, the fiscal year for BYND is on December 31st every year.

  1. A description of the company’s principal products or services

The firm offers plant-based burgers. The products range in categories such as Beyond Sausage, Beyond Burgers, Beyond Chicken Strips,and Beyond Beef Crumbles.

  1. The main geographic area of activity

El Segundo, California is renowned for having aviation-related and petroleum-related industries. It also hasentertainment, technologicaland many other innovative enterprises.

  1. Describe the industry and its outlook.

The plant-based meat industry is not as popular as the animal-basedone. Nevertheless, many people are adoptinghealthylifestyles and are hence opting for a healthier diet, meaning that the industry isgradually growing.  The food products are alsocleaner and better for the environment, hence attracting an upsurge in the number of consumers.

The company’scurrent plans areto undertake more marketing strategies as a way of boosting the consumer base of plant-based meals.  As much as the company is a leader in the industry, it intends to undertake more cutting-edge innovations, through the unveiling of more products such as Beyond Burgers, which are expected to launch nationwide in 2021 (Beyond Meat Inc., 2020).  In the future, the company aims to continue committing to improvinghumanhealth by having products that are simple and made from plants that contain no GMO s or any bioengineered ingredients.

  1. Net income for the most recent two fiscal years

The firm’s net income for 12 months, ending September 30th, 2020 was $-0.028B, which is a 44.66% increase year-over-year. In 2019, the net income was $-0.012B, a 58.37% decline from 2018 (McKenna, Nov, 2020).

  1. Company’s earnings per share for the most recent two fiscal years

In the third quarter of 2020, the earnings per share for Beyond meat were $0.31, whereas in Q3, 2019 the EPS Was 0.06.

  1. The most recent price of the company’s stock and its dividend per share.

`           As of February 17, 2021, the price of the company’s stock was 167.87 (Yahoo Finance, 2021). In the same period, the current dividend yield was 0.00%.





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