azz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis

Orchestra: __ The Music of Miles Davis – J

Performance Date: _____Nov. 18, 2018_____________________________________________

Musicians and their instruments I most liked

The first musician who  I liked most in the orchestra is Marsalis. Hisprimary instrument is the trumpet, where he plays carefully and exceptionally, hence showcasing his prowess and skills. He has a   few extended trumpet solos in the compositions, where he is a confirmed section player throughout the evening.His method of play is conspicuous and easily notable by a viewer or listener, where he showcases his greatness in playing the trumpet and making the concert continually enjoyable as it begins and up to its end. Marsalis stays firm in the group as the ensemble makes all the compositions in the concert and makes sure that his play is in line with all the other musicians.  He performs best when making” the Seven Steps to Heaven,” where he together with other playersmake an excellent composition.

The second most favorite musician in the orchestra is the pianist, whose name is Dan Nimmer. He is so spectacular in the entire composition, where his prowess in playing the instruments is in the limelight and easily visible. He is outstanding in performing and also appears to add taste and flavor to all the compositions. On top of making a spectacular composition, is other players seem to be enthralled by his abilities, where he complements their excellent great style of play.

Paul Nedzela, who is on the baritone & alto saxophones, and bass clarinet is also an exciting musician to watch; His instruments are very attention-grabbing when integrated  into the mix, the composition fascinating to listen to. It complements the various sounds and makes jazz music an interesting art worth listening to.  The integration of the baritone & alto saxophones, bass clarinet instruments makes Paul showcase and achieve his greatness and might in jazz music.

Finally, the fourth most exciting musician for me is Willie Jones III. He is the guy on the drums. He Willie is so great and talented in what he is doing, such as that e becomes outstanding in his style of playing. He is an exceptional musician, clear from how he depicts his prowess by integer ting the drum beats into the saxophones, trumpets, and other instruments, making the jazz composition a full and enjoyable one for any listener.

The aspects of the concert I particularly enjoyed

I mostly enjoyed the entire concert and the compositions made by all the instrumentalists. The show endured that they well reflected what jazz entails: set free flow of notes, where the structure , build up, and all other musical components were well expressed in the concert. I immensely enjoyed the joy and selflessness demonstrated by the artists, who joined and ensured great compositions. I particularly enjoyed the arrangement, which I feel was very brilliantly and intellectually made.  As a result, the musical perfection of all the artists gives rise to an immense feeling of happiness and being in the paradise of jazz. It provides any viewer and fan of Miles Dais an unforgettable experience throughout the colossal compositions.  This is since all the great Miles Davis’ excellent arrangements are outstandingly performed, reminding all the jazz lovers of a wonderful artist, performer, and icon.


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