Sample Paper: Exploring the Modernist Elements in E. Pounds and E. E. Cummings Literary Works

  1. Pounds


  1. Pounds was a non-conformist who took a different turn that led him to become one of the greatest poets of his time. In a Station at the Metro, Pounds demonstrates his outlier personality that challenges social structures, which confined individuals to a certain mindset where they could not make informed decisions regarding situations taking place in their surrounding environment. Pound succeeds in the use of imagery, where he deploys a set of non-conventional approaches that seek to expose individuals to an enabling environment where they can challenge the rules of social existence (12). Understanding the measures required by individuals to accomplish their values is an aspect that should be explored to discover their potential in the world today. 


Unlike other poems that followed a conventional structure defined by the poetry writing standards, Pounds defies these rules in In a Station at the Metro where he explores a unique path that leads him towards a sense of reawakening, where he can challenge social structures and other aspects affecting individuals in their immediate environment. Based on the nature of approaches being discovered in the world today, individuals are expected to explore specific strategies that ascertain the quality of solutions that should be developed to handle modern problems. Pounds’ poem exposes one to an enabling environment where they can visualize the situation addressed in the literary work because of the limited words. Pounds’ ability to curate the world around him and confine it to a brief description exposes him as an outlier who can influence people’s needs based on issues affecting them in their immediate environment.

  1. E. Cummings


In Spring is like a Perhaps Hand; Cummings describes the Spring and how it influences the decisions made by individuals in the world today. By understanding the nature of activities taking place in their immediate environment, Cummings intentionally overwrites the rules of poetry by creating a virtual station that defines the quality of interactions between individuals. Similarly, the use of imagery in the poem addresses essential elements of life that interfere with the thought process of individuals in their immediate environment. Overcoming this problem can be avoided by ignoring the issues taking place in the world today and exposing the readers to a creative world where different approaches can be discovered through the continued use of literature.


Unlike other poets who used complex words to convey their thoughts, Cummings uses a simplistic approach that defines the nature of methods that can be explored by individuals to overcome situations taking place in their immediate environment. One of the methods that dictate the quality of interactions in the world today can be avoided through the use of certain aspects that interfere with the conversations people have with other individuals in their surroundings (Webster 499). By portraying Spring as a character, Cummings maps out the beginning of a new adventure and probably life, which has an impact on the outcomes recorded by the community.

Impact of the Modernist Elements in the Poems

By reading both Cummings and Pounds’ poems, readers understand the cause of various issues taking place in their immediate environment. Taking a different route from the conventional writing standards opens up the thought process of individuals and challenges them to embrace different tactics that overturn existing rules that define relationships. Therefore, the poets relate with their readers easily because of their ability to take a more direct approach to problems affecting individuals in their surroundings. 

Works Cited

Pound, Ezra. “In a Station of the Metro.” Poetry 2.1 (1913): 12.

Webster, Michael. “EE Cummings.” A Companion to Modernist Poetry. Chichester: Wiley Blackwell (2014): 494-504.

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