Residential Cooling System Paper

Residential Cooling System

Components of Residential Air Conditioner

The residential air conditioner has five components. The refrigerant contains a special that is used in cooling and freezing of the room. The refrigerant carries heat from inside the room to the outside, cooling the air inside the house. The compressor is designed in a way that pressurizes the refrigerant impacting heat generation. This is based on the fact that the increase in pressure causes a direct impact on the increase of temperature (Robinson, 2017). The results in the generation of hotter air in the refrigerant that the outside is prompting it to circulate to the outer area. The condenser coil is found on the outdoor air conditioning unit. The condenser coil receives hot air from the refrigerant after being compressed. The condenser coil engages the condenser fan to release the hot air and temperatures to the outside. The expansion valve cools the refrigerant before the passes to the evaporator coils. This enables the expansion valve to remove the pressure from liquid refrigerant (Raj & Soni, 2017). The evaporator coil allows the air conditioner to pick the heat inside the house. 

Process of the Cooling Cycle

The hot air inside the house is sucked into the air conditioner through the return vents. When the air is moving to the evaporator coils (that are very cold), the refrigerant picks the hot air and discharges it to the compressor. The compressor pressurizes the air and heats the refrigerant prompting the air to pass through the condenser coils (Vandervort, 2019). The condenser fans push the air to the outside. The hot refrigerant passes through the expansion valve and to the evaporator coils that are very cold to depressurize and cool down, allowing the heat to be absorbed – a cycle that continues over and over.


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