Research various intrusion detection and prevention systems(IDS) that would benefit the company.

Format: APA

Number of sources:

Number of pages: 2

Spacing: double spaced


Details: After reviewing your latest submission, the CIO has found some areas of concern and would like you to provide a little clarity on one subject. He is meeting with upper management to persuade them to purchase a new suite of intrusion detection software (IDS) for the network. Currently, the organization has antivirus software and uses firewalls. Provide justification for adding intrusion detection software as well.

Research various IDS that would benefit the company.

Create a 2-page table for the CIO to share with upper management. In your table:
Identify reasons why IDS will benefit the company and the larger cyber domain.
Describe the categories and models of intrusion detection and prevention systems.
Summarize the function of antivirus software, firewalls,and IDS.
Identify examples of commercial software that could help the organization.

Format your citations according to APA guidelines.


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