Research “Top Ten Qualities in a Romantic Partner.”

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Details: Lesson 4
In this week’s Lesson you will further explore interpersonal behavior.
Read “Attraction and Beauty” by Robert G. Franklin and Leslie Zebrowitz
Read “Love, Friendship, and Social Support” by Debi Brannan and Cynthia D. Mohr, from the text Together: The Science of Social Psychology.
Review the PowerPoint on Interpersonal Relationships, Communication (located in announcements)
Think about this question – what is beauty? Brainstorm on your own or with others to create a list of what comprises physical beauty. Think about how beauty and attractiveness are tied to health.
Watch the video by Anjan Chatterjee “How your brain decides what is beautiful”
Research “Top Ten Qualities in a Romantic Partner.”
Think about what men look for in mates. Give equal thought to what women look for in mates. This can be done in a group or alone.
Create a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting what men and women look for in mates.
This site will help you make a Venn diagram using Word.
Play Video
Your diagram should include attractiveness as well as other qualities. At the bottom of the diagram, explain in 100+ words why there are differences and similarities in what men and women look for regarding romantic partners.


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