Research paper: Result and discussion section rewriting. Relationship between Car value and accidents by adolescent drivers

Hi. This should not be complicated work since it is freshmen year level biology research paper. My group did research on how car value affects number of accidents caused by adolescent drivers from age 17-23. Our hypothesis was that there is relationship between car value and accident caused by adolescent drivers and we predicted that higher the value, more accidents by drivers because they usually comes with more power and speed.
We posted survey on facebook and collected total of 195 responses. We then divided into three categories (first 65 from the lowest price = low priced / next 65 = mid-priced / last 65 = high priced) and tested if the difference was significant through one-way chi-square test. However, the test showed that there is no significant difference.
Please take a look on my introduction and result drafts. I only need help with result draft. I have attached the comments on the draft and also the score I got from the instructor (40/60). Please help me to reshape the result draft with that comment from the instructors to make it 60/60
Please include:
1. Change histograms for frequency / population data

2. Grammer and fluctuation check since I only got 2.5/5 on it
3. reconstruct the figure according to comments of instructor
4. construct whole paragraph on quantitative comparative statements using 4C statements. Instruction on 4C is included on attachment
5. fix all the mistakes according to graded rubric and comments from the instructor

I am going to be online whole time since I have to study for the finals whole week. Thank you so much for your help and I wish to make good connection with you for next orders.


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