Research Paper on Joyce Carol Oates, “Where are You Going, Where Have You Been?”

1. Six-eight pages, double-spaced

2. Arial or Times New Roman font (ten- or twelve-point only) – I can adjust the formatting….no need to do this.

3. Argumentative in nature, based on a short literary piece (short story, poem, or essay–NO FULL-LENGTH BOOKS)

4. Must include a correct thesis statement, i.e., a complete sentence, argumentative in nature, that contains a point of view and is written in third person

5. Written in third person only

6. Must include six-eight internal citations (set up according to MLA)

7. Must include a “Works Cited” page (MLA only) that is SEPARATE from the text

8. Sources must be reliable (no Wikipedia)

9. Sources must have an author attached (no anonymous sources or unidentified sources)

10. Paper must be proofread carefully, grammatically sound, and otherwise literate (or points may be deducted)

11. There should be no title page; instead, use a heading set up according to MLA

12. There should be an introduction with a hook, transitional sentences, and a thesis statement located at the end of the introduction with three CATS

13. Papers may not be recycled from other courses (if you use a paper from a psychology class, for example, we call this “double dipping,” and it’s an academic offense)

14. All sources must be acknowledged/quoted

15. Six-eight sources are required


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