Research Argumentative Essay

Writing Task:

Choose an issue at PCC, or at any college in the country, that you currently see as a problem. Write a research-based argumentative essay in which you take a strong position on how to fix or improve this issue. Your essay should include several sources of evidence to support your ideas or claims (7 minimum).

This essay will require several pre-writing steps to help you better plan your ideas/drafts:

Thesis and Topic Proposals
Annotated Bibliography

Things to keep in mind:

You will need to conduct research to gather evidence for your argument.
Include a thesis statement in your introduction that makes a clear argument.
Each claim or assertion should be supported by evidence.
Include at least one counterargument and a rebuttal.
Use transitions to connect your paragraphs and ideas.
Use evidence that is credible and unbiased.
Majority of sources (4/7) must be “academic” (books, magazines, journals, etc.)
Two of these sources must be articles from PCC Library databases.
Cite all of your evidence using MLA formatting.
Include a “Works Cited” page at the end of your essay.


Length: 7-10 pages

Sources: 7-10

Your essay should be in standard MLA format that includes:

12pt font
1-inch margins
Double-spaced throughout
Works Cited page

In addition, here are a few helpful links:

Research Essay Introduction (5.9)
Argumentative Writing Introduction (8.6)
Thesis Statements Review (4.8)
MLA Style Sample PaperActions
MLA Works Cited SampleActions
List of TransitionsActions
Purdue OWL MLA Main Page (Links to an external site.)


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