Relationship Marketing At Walmart Inc. Essay

Walmart Inc.

Wal-Mart Inc. also brand-named as Walmart is an American transnational retailing firm that operates bock of departmental and storehouse facilities. Due to being the third biggest public company, Walmart is the largest employer around the globe, with approximately 2 million members of staff (Roberts and Berg 2012).  Moreover, it is the largest retailing firm in the universe. The firm remains to be a family-run entity as it is managed by the Walton family and is the world’s most valuable firm. To gain access to more clients, the firm requires an increase in the permission marketing strategy, the experiential marketing concept, and a loyalty program to maintain its loyal clientele base.

Being the most significant and profitable corporation around the globe, the firm may use the Express permission marketing techniques whereby a client opts to provide the email address to receive marketing emails from the corporation (Ford, 2019).  For instance, signing up for news letters on a daily basis or in the event of a promotion. This technique is viewed as a viable option as a result of the many stores around the globe, and therefore, it more comfortable to request a client’s email. The company may use Webinars as it is an attractive way for consumers to allow the firm to send those emails. Also, it easier to create and takes less duration of time as compared to a white paper. The content is of high-quality, delivered by professionals, and continuously of concern to the target market.  

Conventional marketers believe that experiential marketers perform their duties differently as they facilitate interaction between the product and the client. This mode of marketing the client to access more information rather than listening and watching. One experiential mechanism technique that may be used by the firm is delivering 40 feet long boxes to random consumers around the world with a bar code. Once scanned using the Walmart app, it would provide various coupons such as coupons indicating multiple discounts on specific items or gifts to the most loyal clients. Other awards such as treating clients to movies or getting an exclusive invite from a reality TV star and spend an entire day together.

When a brand is strongly favored over other brands, that is trademark allegiance. They don’t require to be persuaded or comprehensively advertised since they already like your merchandise and desire them even to rivals with comparable products. In order to maintain loyal clientele, it is essential to have a loyalty program. Walmart credit cardholders will now be able to receive 2% to 5% worth of purchases back, dependent on the variety of merchandise. Another viable program is to present the clients with an easy prizes price propositions to add extra significance to the purchases made on a daily basis by clients through the use of the company’s smart card and Visa cards, distributed and managed by various banks around the globe. In addition to gratifying the present holders of the company’s smart card, the plan could encourage other consumers to join Walmart’s payment of merchandise and boost the purchase of products from the online platform. This is a result of the remittance of the 5% discount on multiple purchases made on the online platform, together with products dispatched to the warehouse. 2% remittance is obtainable on electronic products.


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Ford, E. (2019, April 1). The Walmart Content Marketing Strategy: How to increase high-intent organic traffic to your website. Retrieved from

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