Regulatory Organization


A woman looking at cosmetics in a drug store was noticed by the store manager because she was not carrying a purse. She was pushing a shopping cart and put several cosmetic items into the cart. She went to the checkout stand and paid for all the items but one lipstick, which remained in the shopping cart. The manager noticed the lipstick in the cart and followed the female to her car. As the manager approached the female, she was picking the lipstick up from the cart. When the manager told her he was arresting her for shoplifting, she said that she did not see the lipstick in the cart until she got to her car and picked it up to return it to the store. The lipstick cost $5.99, and the female had $1.09 on her person. Answer the following questions:

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Regulatory Organization
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a. Was there any responsibility on the part of the clerk or manager to ensure that all items were paid for because she left the store? Why or why not?

b. Should she be arrested? If so, on what charges and why? If not, why not?

c. Write a statement reflecting your decision as though you were filling out a police r eport

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