Reflective writing over future major/career

So if you read the instructions the professor wanted me to write a reflective essay using the things i’ve learned throughout the class to find my major/career. This career would be a firefighter and the major would be fire science (In the united states). Use the outline and power point (the powerpoint has little voice clips to help you get a feel for what to type about me) to get information on what im like and the traits/personality I have. In the writing refer to the outline as the outline and the power point as the exploration project: part three. make sure to use these and refer to them as he wants things that ive used and learned throughout the class in the paper. If you need in formation on fire fighting or fire science cite the information on where you got it at the end with a work cited. If you get stuck on my personality or something along that nature you can make stuff up, just make it sound believable.


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