Recreation-Based Intervention Plans

Directions for the Final Course Project:
Recreation-Based Intervention Plans
(Due: 11:59 PM, May 10th, Friday)

Each student will develop FIVE (5) Recreation-Based Intervention Plans (RBIP) (10 pts x 5 plans = 50 pts.). Students will develop ONE (1) IBRP for each of the following five domains that we have studies in this class:
1 RBIPs for “Mobility Disabilities”
1 RBIPs for “Sensory Impairments”
1 RBIPs for “Mental Health Disabilities”
1 RBIPs for “Health-Related Disabilities”
1 RBIPs for “Older Adults in a Long-Term Care Setting”

You will choose a specific target disabling condition for each disabling domain. For instance, you may choose ‘Rheumatoid Arthritis’ for ‘Mobility Disabilities’ domain (see the examples below).


Mobility Disabilities – “Rheumatoid Arthritis”
Sensory Impairments – “Visual Impairment”
Mental Health Disabilities – “Intellectual Disabilities”
Health-Related Disabilities – “Cancer”
Older Adults in a Long-Term Care Setting – “Dementia”
* An IBRP can be an activity such as a simple recreational game (e.g., tag game, board game, etc). An RBIP can also be a program such as aquatic exercise program, tai chi program, etc. Or an RBIP can take a form of education (lecture, seminar, workshop, etc.). That is, based on your expertise areas, you may creatively develop potential and possible intervention plans. However, again, the plan must be a Recreation (or Leisure)-based. You may consult with your instructor to make sure whether your potential RBIPs are Recreation-Based or not. You may NOT get any credits for the plans that are NOT Recreation-Based.

3. Each Recreation-Based Intervention Plan (RBIP) will include the following components:

1. Title of the Recreation-Based Intervention Activity/Program (1 pt.)
2. Characteristics of the target group (e.g., disability/illness, age group, number needed, other characteristics) (1 pt.)
3. Equipment, material, or supplies needed (1 pt.)
4. Purposes/Goals (1 pt.)
5. Anticipated Outcomes (1 pt.)
6. Directions for the Activity – Descriptions on what you will do during an actual group session (e.g., Content / Process / Rules / Directions, etc.) (3 pts.)
7. Justification(s) of the activity (why or why this activity/program works) (1 pt.)
8. Any possible variation(s) (modifications) of the Plan (1 pt.


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