Reading response to the readings provided

1. write a reading response to the given readings, each response should be about 400 words, there are about 2 readings for each response
2. refer to the readings when writing the response. there will be questions to answer as a guide for these responses
3. I will provide all guidelines/ questions in one file, if it is easier you can just to use the file to write the response
4. please send the file as one file but put them on separate pages so that it is easier to differentiate which response is which
5. have some responses reflect on what you think these eras and or inventions brought impact to our lives. (if needed do some research)
6. when finished please send the file with the responses in the order that I gave you and have the title like: “The Book” in the beginning of the page
7. If there is any questions or need clarifications please reach out to me as soon as possible


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