Quiz and discussion

Part 1: I will sent the logins once done readings because the quiz is 10 minutes and will have to answer the random question given based on the readings it asks for.
Quiz Details
You will have one chance to complete the quiz.
You will be assigned one of several quiz questions. Canvas will randomly assign the question to you.
The quiz question will ask you to answer a question regarding one or two texts or videos assigned for this week.
Please consult the reading/viewing questions for this week. The quiz questions are always based on or inspired by the reading/viewing questions.
You may consult the course readings/videos, notes you’ve taken on the material, and anything else that’s from Canvas that relates to the reading/viewing material.
Your response should be between 100 and 150 words. More is welcome.
A strong quiz response includes three elements:
Is focused; quality is more important than quantity. Instead of identifying three examples and briefly explaining each, it is better to focus your attention on one or two examples instead.
An accurate description of an example, pattern, or idea from the reading/viewing material that is relevant to the prompt. Quoting is optional.
A thorough explanation that addresses how the example, pattern, or idea you reference addresses the prompt.
Overall, a quiz response should demonstrate your understanding of the reading/viewing material and ability to answer the prompt.
Time Frame
Quizzes open on Sundays and close on Tuesdays. You have 10 minutes to complete the quiz.

Part 2: I will send the student response tomorrow before the dead line

The purpose of this discussion is to help you practice the following skills that are essential to your success in this course:

Module objective 1: Identify key ideologies, laws, and treaties that had an impact on the social status of Asian groups in the US.
Module objective 2: Understand the inequalities that existed in Asian American history based on race, class, and gender and their relationships with domestic law and US international treaties.
Module objective 3: Compare and contrast the pros and cons of the panethnic label, based on a review of strategies Asian Americans used to combat discrimination.
In a new post, use the Reply button at the bottom of this page to respond to ONE of the following questions:
Discussion question 1: How did economic growth in Asia influence race relations between Asians and non-Asians in the US? Focus your discussion on one text.
Discussion question 2: How much have Asian American lives improved by the 1980s/1990s (compared to the pre-1960s era)? You do not need to address a multitude of examples. Focus on one or two interrelated examples.
If there is more than one question to choose from, please identify it
Make sure to bring up one or more quotes from the readings that directly relates to the discussion and explain its relevance to the question you chose
Like the quiz, focus your attention on one or two major concepts. Avoid listing a series of examples or ideas without explaining them. Quality is more important than quantity
Read and reply to the post of one of your classmates. In your reply post, make sure to:
You can choose to address any discussion question; you are not restricted only to the question you picked for the initial post
Agree or disagree with the post or qualify the post. Make sure you identify one or more specific aspects that you agree, disagree, or take issue with
Explain your reason by citing evidence (quoting) from one or more course readings and explain why it supports your position
Instead of agreeing or disagreeing, you may also comment on the value of the research or readings being cited by your fellow classmates. Don’t forget to reference a quote and explain it to support your commentary
Like the quiz, focus your attention on one or two major concepts. Avoid listing a series of examples or ideas without explaining them. Quality is more important than quantity
Please remember that your initial post and reply should collective be between 200 and 400 words in length


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