Public policy evaluation

Public policy evaluation

Review a local public policy in your city or county. (San Diego, Ca or San Diego County, CA)

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you discuss the following:

  • The importance of public policy evaluation
  • The outcomes when public policies are not evaluated
  • A summary of the policy you reviewed and your opinion of it. Provide a link to the policy so it can be accessed online.

Format your paper in accordance with APA guidelines.

This was the theme for the week. The textbook didn’t give a certain steps.

Week Five Listen To Me First

Evaluating public policy

Narrator: Welcome to the Week Five Podcast for BPA/300, Politics and Citizenship: The Public Policy Environment. Each weekly podcast is a discussion with a Subject Matter Expert who will provide a brief overview of the weekly topics, and how you can apply them in the field of public administration. This week, we will discuss evaluating public policy.

Narrator: Why is evaluating public policy important in the public administration field?

SME: Evaluating public policy is one of the most significant tasks within the public administration field. Numerous public policies are passed each year, but what happens to these policies after they are enacted? Do we know if the policy works or needs improvement? Is the policy fulfilling its purpose? Is there an abuse of funding that relates to the policy? These are a few valid questions that come to mind when we think about public policy evaluation. Evaluating public policy will answer these questions, as well as provide you with an abundance of valuable information about the policy.

Narrator: How do you evaluate a public policy?

SME: One can accomplish the task of public policy evaluation by conducting an internal audit and performance evaluation of the policy, or by hiring an outside agency to conduct an audit and performance evaluation of the policy. Although these two approaches are great ways to conduct policy evaluation, the goal of the evaluation is to obtain unbiased opinions and information about the policy. The information gathered from a public policy evaluation will provide direction to public administrators.

The people have the right to know how public policies are performing, and as I like to say, be legally nosy. Inquire about these policies, especially the policies that affect you directly.

Narrator: What are this week’s key points that students need to focus on most?

SME: We should all be interested in public policy evaluation because taxpayer money funds public policies. The key points to focus on this week are the importance of public policy evaluation, the criteria used in assessing public policy, and identifying sources to obtain evidence on public policy performance.


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