Public policy affecting data management.

Topics discussed through the course.

1.There were several important themes in chapter 1. Here are a few quotes:

Policy-making and its subsequent implementation is necessary to deal with societal problems.” (Janssen, 2015)

“Policy-making is driven by the need to solve societal problems and should result in interventions to solve these societal problems.” (Janssen, 2015)

“Examples of societal problems are unemployment, pollution, water quality, safety, criminality, well-being, health, and immigration.” (Janssen, 2015)

2.Pick a specific topic that relates to public policy affecting data management, and

Define the topic area

Describe the problems arising from a lack of policy, and

Analyze the most promising ways new policy will be developed or has recently been enacted to address the problems

3 Privacy Concerns

Discussion: How are IT researchers contributing to the body of knowledge regarding information systems and individual privacy?

Choose 2 peer-reviewed studies

Describe the phenomenon, research methodology, population and findings

In your response, pay attention to how the research is conducted, not just subject matter

As doctoral students, you’re learning to be researchers

Again, the scarcity of academic articles might lead you to use practitioner sources, which is fine and provide the industry language needed to perform Google Scholar searches

Example Areas

Government Monitoring (social media, SMS, email)

Traffic Cameras

Re-selling data, data ownership

Health Data


Drone photography

Location Based Services (mobile technology)

…many more


Disruptive Information Technologies

Discussion: How are IT researchers addressing public policy regarding emerging or disruptive technologies?

Choose a single (one) disruptive information technology and provide your colleagues with the following:

A brief description of the technology

Current, existing policy activity

Recommendations to policy makers

Recommendations for future research regarding policy and this technology


Weekly Topic: Government Revenue in the Information Age

Discussion: What tax policy area interests you as an Information Systems professional?

Choose a single area of taxation that has arisen in the Information Economy and provide your colleagues with the following:

A brief description of the issue

Why this issue is personal to you

What (if any) scholarly work has been completed in this area, and what are the findings?


Weekly Topic: Compliance Issues

Discussion: What law or regulation most affects you as an Information Systems professional?

Choose a single area of compliance that most affects you in your career and provide your colleagues with the following:

A brief description of the law or regulation

What work you performed to shape an information system to support compliance reporting

How could you use this experience in a research project?



5-7 Pages, not including title page and references

APA formatting

Original writing, no re-wording, no direct quotes


Choose an area of information systems research as we’ve discussed during the course and describe it briefly (1/2 page)

Describe gaps in current laws or regulations as identified in the literature (cite 3-5 researchers)

Propose a policy that would fill the gap. Include 1) your recommendations for measuring compliance, and 2) a future research project that would shed light on the policy’s cost, impact, success or failure

. Those are the topics covered in the course. It should be 5-7 pages with double spacing.. select a topic which is listed .


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