For this assignment, you will write an APA (7th ed) styled case study.  A case study provides an opportunity for students to understand and analyze abnormal behavior. To complete this assignment, you will select one character from a television series or movie who exhibits a mental disorder.  Your task will be to assess the selected character’s behavior according to criteria in the following sections:

1.   Description: A detailed description of the symptomatic behavior (includes at least 1 APA styled citation)

2.   Diagnosis: A diagnostic label from the DSM-5 with justification for selection of that label (includes at least 1 APA styled citation)

3.   Perspective: An explanation from three perspectives of your choice (psychodynamic, behavioral, humanistic, cognitive, biological, and sociocultural) explaining the causes of the symptomatic behavior (includes at least 1 APA styled citation)

4.   Prognosis: A treatment protocol suggested from chosen perspectives listed in Item III (psychodynamic, behavioral, humanistic, cognitive, biological, sociocultural)(includes at least 1 APA styled citation)

This assignment must be at least 5 pages  (at least 1000 words) in length (title page, 3-4 pages  for the body,  reference page).   As stated, your case study must be written in APA  (7th ed) format and include a correctly formatted APA styled title page, reference page and at least 4 references from either your textbook, other books, or  peer reviewed journals for each of the sections mentioned above.
1. Review all 5 APA links under “Resources” in “Modules” before you begin writing your paper
2. For this assignment, no Abstract is required
3. Make sure to divide your paper into 4 sections (Description, Diagnosis, Perspectives, Prognosis) and that each section contains 1 APA reference
4. Use only peer-reviewed sources!!
5. Don’t put sources in your Reference section that are not cited in the body of you paper! (yes, I will check ALL your sources and citations!!)
6. Case study must be at least 1000 words
7 . Use only peer reviewed sources!!!! (see #4 above)


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