1. Describe how you would implement habit reversal procedures in your own self-management project. If habit reversal procedures are not appropriate for your self-management project, explain why not.

2. Describe how you might use token reinforcement, if appropriate, in your self-management project.

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Vicki is a college student who exhibits an eyeblink tic. The tic is more prevalent when she is around other people, especially in evaluative situations such as classes where she is expected to participate actively. The tic involves rapid eye blinking and squinting movements.

Describe the implementation of the habit reversal procedure for this motor tic.

You have a problem with biting your fingernails. You bite the nails whenever you see the white part of the nail that extends out at the end of the nail. Once you bite the white part off, you typically don’t bite again until the nail grows and more white part shows. However, you also bite the nail when it is uneven or there is a rough edge from previous biting. The biting most often occurs when you are watching TV or a movie, during lectures, or when you are studying.

Describe the self management strategies (antecedent and consequence manipulations) that you would use to stop your nail-biting.

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