What are some instructional strategies specific concepts of print and phonemic awareness to teach new literacy concepts that include the IWY (I do, We do, you do) method in your research.

Detail the environments for a rational agent for the following tasks. State any assumptions in your reasoning.

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a) Solitaire

b) Tic-Tac-Toe

c) Handwriting Analysis

d) Assembly Line Robotic Arm

e) Automatic Pilot

f) Medical Diagnostic System (Expert System)

Marci is a White non-Latino student with mild intellectual disability. In addition to cognitive deficits, she has poor motor skills. Her legs and arms are shorter than average. She has a round face, with an extra fold of skin over her eyelids. Her tongue protrudes. What is most likely the cause of Marci’s intellectual disability?

a. Down syndrome a. fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

b. fragile X syndrome c. maternal illness during pregnancy

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