1. How might looking at behaviors in context reduce gender stereotyping? ∙

2.What evidence is there of gender bias in the classroom? What progress have schools made in reducing bias?

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3. From your own K–12 education, come up with at least one instance in which your school or teacher favored either boys or girls. As a teacher, how would you try to correct that gender bias?

1.Which of these statements is most consistent with current research on the naturenurture issue in intelligence?

a. Because intelligence in mainly inherited, there is little room to improve students’ intelligence.

b. Because intelligence is influenced by both heredity and environment, providing students with an enriched classroom environment might have a positive influence on their intelligence.

c. Students who delay schooling tend to score higher on intelligence tests than those who do not, which suggests that environment is more important for intelligence than heredity.

d. Recent steep increases in intelligence indicate that intelligence is mainly determined by heredity.

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