a.       Have you ever noticed how people from different cultures express themselves? Was it the same or different from what you expected? Why?

Can the concept of universality and cultural display rules described in this chapter help explain some of your experiences?

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b.      In this chapter, we have learned how emotions are expressed universally in our faces.

Do you think emotions can be recognized through vocal cues? How would you design a study to test your ideas?

1.       Do you ever have emotional episodes in which you later regret what you said or did? Why did they occur?

Can you think of the description of the process of emotion elicitation described in this chapter and identify the “point of no return?”

How do you think you can improve the way you handle your emotions?

2.       How do you express yourself? Do you think your way of expressing yourself and your emotions is adaptive in your culture? Would it be adaptive in other cultures? Why or why not?

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