a.       You are now studying in a college/university. Think about different experiences in your life that made this possible.

Why did you decide to continue onto higher education?

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What role did your parents, peers, and teachers play in your decision to continue onto higher education?

b.      Find someone from a different culture and ask about the sleeping arrangements for babies in his or her culture.

Are the sleeping arrangements similar or different from what is practiced in your culture? If they are different, what are the reasons behind this difference?

Imagine you are an education researcher interested in understanding why some children do better in school than others. The theoretical framework you adopt for your study is Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems perspective. According to this perspective, you must consider children’s development on several levels—the microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, and macrosystem. Within each of these four systems, what are key factors you would choose to examine why some children do better in school than others?

Interview your parents/caregivers and ask them what lessons in life they thought were important to teach you. Ask them what they did to pass on these lessons to you. Afterwards, reflect on whether it easy or difficult for them to describe how they taught you these life lessons. You might find that it is difficult to describe how socialization/ enculturation occurs because we are all so deeply immersed in the process.


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