1. Isabella brings home her quarterly school report card. On the card are letter grades indicating that Isabella has earned A’s in math, language arts, and social studies, and B’s in science and P.E. Which of the following is a valid criticism of such a grading system?

a. It gives parents too much information about the student’s performance.

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b. It is too specific.

c. Letter grades are unfair.

d. It does not provide enough information to allow parents to evaluate their child’s performance.

2.Ms. Gregory and Ms. Templeton are discussing grading issues. Which of the following comments made by Ms. Gregory and Ms. Templeton is the least likely to be supported by educational psychologists?

a. Many students are being rewarded with high grades for mediocre performance.

b. In the last several decades, grades have been increasing, while SAT scores have been going down.

c. Some teachers don’t like to give low grades because they believe the low grades decrease students’ motivation.

d. Grades should be abolished.

3.Mr. Walker teaches algebra. On the first day of class, he tells students that of the 25 students in the class, 5 would receive A’s, 6 would receive B’s, 7 would receive C’s, 4 would receive D’s, and 3 would receive F’s. What type of grading system is Mr. Walker using?

a. criterion-referenced

b. norm-referenced

c. standards-based

d. weighted

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