1.What makes an assessment “authentic”?

What are some criticisms of authentic assessments?

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2. What are some of the features of performance assessment? What are some guidelines for using them?

3.What is a portfolio and how can portfolios be used in assessment?

What are some strengths and weaknesses of portfolios?

Mr. Dent has just returned Marcia’s graded essay to her. Notations of spelling and grammar errors, and the grade, 42/50—B, are all he has written on the test. What is the most appropriate criticism of this assessment?

a. An essay should never be worth this many points on a test.

b. Essays should not be graded numerically.

c. There are no comments to help Marsha see where she did well and where she lost points.

d. Spelling and grammar errors should not be marked on an essay.

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