1.What are some important ideas to remember when creating multiple-choice, true/ false, and matching items?

2.What are constructed-response items and how do short-answer items differ from essay items?

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3.Why do you think traditional testing has survived so long in K–12 classrooms?

4.Mr. Brown, a college instructor, includes the following item in a test about the impact of the family on children: What parenting style does Homer Simpson exhibit? Mr. Brown’s possible answers are authoritative, authoritarian, neglectful, and permissive. Which of the following is the most appropriate criticism of Mr. Brown’s question and answers?

a. It is too easy to eliminate options because they are not all parenting styles.

b. Parenting style has nothing to do with the impact of family on children.

c. The question is biased in favor of people who watch The Simpsons.

d. There is more than one clearly correct response.

Ms. Krzyzewski is teaching a science unit on anatomy. Students have been studying the anatomy of various animals. Which of the following is the best example of a performance assessment of this material?

a. Students answer oral questions regarding the structures present in different animals.

b. Students write an essay comparing and contrasting the anatomy of frogs and pigs.

c. Students dissect animals and identify their anatomical parts.

d. Students take a multiple-choice test covering the material in the unit.

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