1.What is motivated behavior?

2.How would you briefly summarize the four main perspectives on motivation?

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3.Recall a situation in which you were highly motivated to accomplish something.

4.How would you describe your motivation in terms of each of the four perspectives?

1.What is instructional planning? Why does instruction need to be planned?

2. What planning needs to be done related to the use of time?

3. In your own K–12 experiences, did you ever have a teacher who did not put enough effort into planning? What was that like for students?

In planning, Mr. Tomasello considers the objectives established by the district and statemandated standards and aligns his curriculum to them. After doing this, he considers what he wants to teach when, based on the sequence that makes the most sense. Finally, he reserves the necessary equipment and requests the appropriate materials to carry out his plans. At what level of planning is Mr. Tomasello most likely to be engaging?

a. daily

b. weekly

c. term d. yearly

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