1.What does social studies instruction aim to accomplish? What themes are emphasized by the National Council for the Social Sciences?

2.What are some constructivist approaches to teaching social studies?

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3.Think about a specific community in which you might teach one day. How might you tailor social studies instruction specifically for those children? How could you make it constructivist?

Mr. Chen wants his students to understand that not all people live in the same way that they do. His students study the ways of life of different people around the world. Which theme of social studies does Mr. Chen emphasize?

a. culture

b. civic ideals and practice

c. power, authority, and governance

d. production, distribution, and consumption

Which is the best example of a constructivist approach to social studies?

a. Mr. Ewing’s students listen to his lectures and take notes on the content covered.

b. Ms. Drexler’s students color and label detailed maps to help them learn geography.

c.Ms. Byrd’s students learn the material in their textbooks and take tests covering the content on a regular basis.

d. Mr. Jordan presents his students with a controversial issue, which they discuss and debate.

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