Apply critical thinking to all areas of life. A skeptical attitude and a demand for evidence are useful not only in college but in all areas of life. Be skeptical when you are bombarded by TV commercials, when political causes try to sweep you up, when you see the latest cover stories about UFO sightings in supermarket tabloids.

How many times have you heard the claim, “Studies have shown that . . .?” Perhaps such claims sound convincing, but ask yourself: Who ran the studies? Were the researchers neutral scientists, or were they biased toward obtaining certain results?

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Consider your own adolescence. Did it fit the stereotype of a period of “storm and stress” described in the text? Explain.

At what life stage do you see yourself? Adolescence? Emerging adulthood? Early or middle adulthood? Late adulthood? What is the basis of your self‐perception?

What intrinsic and extrinsic factors underlie your motivation to be in college and join the workforce?

The text discusses different stages of career development. In what stage of career development are you? Explain.


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