Project management

Consider the fictional fashion company below:
Company X is present today in more than 70 countries. The company launches around four hundred styles per year and has more than twenty special projects/collaborations. Besides all product-based projects, company X also follows a marketing calendar with important retail and communication dates, resulting in at least 3 marketing projects per month.
The marketing team of company X is composed of fifteen people, of which one is a manager, four are supervisors, five are analysts, and five are assistants. The marketing team cross-function with more than ten departments and numerous third-party agencies.
Being a small team for such a huge brand, the staff feels overloaded with an intense and demanding calendar. In order to deal with the volume of work and the brand’s desire to continue to expand its global presence, implementing a clear project management methodology process is crucial.
To try to keep the team aligned, the company has six ”follow-up” meetings per week, that usually are unproductive and unfocused. Besides the fixed ”follow-up” meetings, the company has various meetings per week to discuss specific projects. The team has tried to start processes and frameworks countless times, but with the overwhelming number of projects and lack of management they rarely survive.
Although the managers put a lot of responsibility in the hands of the team with little guidance- the company has a very vertical system, where only managers and directors participate in the final decisions during ”leadership meetings”. This leads to a frustrated team that often gets confused directions and ending up re-doing things.
In terms of project management, what is your perception of the current scenario? What are the disadvantages?
Then, outline one or more other cutting-edge PM methodologies that might be suitable for this company. Describe the alternative methodology/methodologies in detail. List advantages and disadvantages.
Lastly, what would be your recommendation in terms of project management for this company? Which methodology/ process they should adopt to get better results and why?

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