Explain the use of association role for an association on a class diagram.

Give an example of generalization. Your example should include at least one superclass and three

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subclasses, and a minimum of one attribute and one operation for each of the classes. Indicate the

discriminator and specify the semantic constraints among the subclasses.

Method Details:

public static void rotate​(int[] array, boolean leftRotation, int positions)

Rotates the provided array left if leftRotation is true; right otherwise. The number of positions to rotate is determined by positions. For example, rotating the array 10, 20, 7, 8 two positions to the left will update the array to 7, 8, 10, 20. Only arrays with 2 or more elements will be rotated. Hint: adding private methods that rotate an array one position to the left and one position to the right can help.


array –

leftRotation –

positions –

Throws:java.lang.IllegalArgumentException – When a null array parameter is provided

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