Sometimes, customers hire an independent organization (separate from the development organization) to do independent verification and validation (V&V).The V&V staff examines all aspects of development, including process and product, to ensure the quality of the final product. If an independent V&V team is used and the system still experiences a catastrophic failure, who should be held responsible: the managers, the V&V team, the designers, the coders, or the testers?

1.       If a system’s ultra-high-reliability requirement means that the reliability can never be verified, should the system be used anyway?

2.       Outline a build plan for testing the Piccadilly system.

A safety-critical system fails and several lives are lost. When the cause of the failure is investigated, the inquiry commission discovers that the test plan neglected to consider the case that caused the system failure.

Who is responsible for the deaths:

The testers for not noticing the missing case?

The test planners for not writing a complete test plan?

The managers for not having checked the test plan?

The customer for not having done a thorough acceptance test?



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