Write a function DeleteList() that takes a list, deallocates all of its memory and sets its head pointer to NULL (the empty list).
void DeleteList(struct node** headRef)

Write an Append() function that takes two lists, ‘a’ and ‘b’, appends ‘b’ onto the end of ‘a’, and then sets ‘b’ to NULL (since it is now trailing off the end of ‘a’).
void Append(struct node** aRef, struct node** bRef)

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Write a function InsertNth( ) which inserts a new node at a specified index within a list. The caller may specify any index in the range [0..length], and the new node should be inserted so as to be at that index position.
void InsertNth(struct node** P, int index, int data)

What is the function of a linkage editor?

What are the advantages of dynamic linking?

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