• Write a program that asks the user to input
  • E2.14 Write a program that reads a number between 1,000 and 999,999 from the user and prints it with a comma separating the thousands. Here is a sample dialog; the user input is in color:
    Please enter an integer between 1000 and 999999: 23456
  • E2.16 Write a program that reads in an integer and breaks it into a sequence of individual digits. For example, the input 16384 is displayed as
    1 6 3 8 4
    You may assume that the input has no more than five digits and is not negative.
  • E2.17 Write a program that reads two times in military format (0900, 1730) and prints the number of hours and minutes between the two times. Here is a sample run. User input is in color.
    Please enter the first time: 0900
    Please enter the second time: 1730

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