Professional and Regulatory Organization

Witness Tampering You are prosecuting a defendant who stole a diamond ring worth $250,000. Your key witness overheard the defendant on the telephone, stating how and when he stole the ring. The defendant knows that this witness overheard his statement and says to his lawyer, “I am going to mess him up if he testifies that I stole the ring.” The defendant then telephones the witness and says, “How are the wife and kids? I hope we all survive this mess.” Answer the following questions:

a. Is this a form of witness tampering? Why or why not?

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Professional and Regulatory Organization
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b. What factors influenced your decision?

Resisting A rrest During an abortion protest, the police officer orders Teresa and her friends to refrain from blocking the entrance of the clinic. Teresa and her friends refuse to leave and sit on the steps in front of the entrance. The officer decides to place Teresa under arrest. Answer the following questions:

a. Is Teresa resisting arrest if she remains sitting and refuses to move at all, forcing the officer to lift and carry her away from the demonstration?

b. Is Teresa resisting arrest if she hooks her clothing or body around a stair rail in such a way that the officer has more difficulty in pulling her away?

c. What if the police officer is in plain clothes and does not identify himself as a police o fficer?

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