Principles of classroom design and arrangement

1.What are some basic principles of classroom design and arrangement?

2.What are some standard styles of arrangement?

3.How would you design and arrange your ideal classroom? How would you personalize it?

Mr. McClure wants to be certain that his students understand that he has high expectations for them. Therefore, he gives a very difficult exam during the first week of school. Which principle of getting off to the right start did Mr. McClure ignore?

a. Be available and visible.

b. Be in charge.

c. Establish expectations for behavior and resolve student uncertainties.

d. Make sure that students experience success.

Mr. James wants his students to be able to talk to each other as well as to him. What type of classroom arrangement is best suited to his needs?

a. auditorium style

b. cluster style

c. offset style

d. seminar style


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