Preventing the unauthorized disclosure and loss of data

1. “Contracting for a hot site is too cost-prohibitive except in the rarest of circumstances. Therefore, the vast majority of companies should think in terms of providing for a cold site at most.” Discuss fully.

2.“Preventing the unauthorized disclosure and loss of data has become almost impossible. Employees and others can use iPods, flash drives, cameras, and PDAs such as iPhones to download data and remove it from an organization’s premises.” Do you agree?

Describe some controls that might be applied to reduce the risk of data disclosure and loss from these devices.

1.“No matter how sophisticated a system of internal control is, its success ultimately requires that you place your trust in certain key personnel.” Do you agree? Discuss fully.

2.“If personnel hiring is done correctly, the other personnel control plans are not needed.” Do you agree? Discuss fully.

3.“Monitoring must be performed by an independent function such as a CPA.” Do you agree? Discuss fully.


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