Prepare a spreadsheet

XYZ Corporation plans to acquire a building (with a useful life of 10 years) by issuing a $5,000,000, 10-year, 3 percent note to the former owner of the building. XYZ will value the building and the note using the market interest rate of 10 percent.

What impact will this decision have on XYZ’s budgeted income in the first year of the note?

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Prepare a spreadsheet
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If XYZ bases its upper-managers’ bonuses on income, what is the impact of this action? Is this practice unethical? Be sure to consider all the stakeholders.

Hannan Company needs to borrow $15,000,000 to finance an addition to its manufacturing facilities. It has obtained an installment note at 8 percent interest for 15 years. Payments will be made monthly beginning one month from today.

A. What is the amount of each monthly payment?

B. Prepare a spreadsheet that indicates the amount of each payment, how much of each payment is interest, how much of each payment is principal, and the remaining balance on the loan for the first two years.

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