Planning Document for a recording session involving one acoustic instrument and one requiring DI into your DAW/system.

This assessment allows you to demonstrate your understanding of recording principles. You are asked to submit a planning document for a recording session involving both acoustic instruments and instruments requiring DI into your DAW/system.
You should include the following:

• Microphone choices for each instrument with explanations for your choices, why they are relevant to your session (genre, sonic qualities, physical characteristics).

• You should include diagrams of how you would position sources and microphones in the space to take advantage of/deal with the physical nature of the room.

Consider surfaces, room size, phase considerations, the nature of the instrument/amplifier etc.

• Schematic diagram detailing the proposed audio signal routing including technical specifications e.g. sample rates, phase considerations, microphone types, cables/connections the type of information transmitted, for example: MIDI, digital/analogue audio, balanced, unbalanced.

• Monitoring requirements for engineer and performer/s

• Justification of equipment, based on specifications, applications and genre

• Signal conditioning and gain stages with relation to instrument/line and mic levels

• Inclusion of microphone choices and techniques, direct injection for at least two diverse sound sources

• Discussion of your planning for the session; personnel, set up time, process.

My Personal preference for instruments is an acoustic guitar for the microphone recorded instrument and an electric guitar for the Direct Injection instrument.


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